Providing Hope to the Impoverished

Jan Houde

If you are interested in becoming a part of our  Early Seekers program, Please fill out the Volunteer Form on our "Get Involved" page.


 We Impact Lives


Early Seekers

Early Seekers is a program that goes to Kennedy Plaza in Downtown Providence as well as Crossroads Shelter on Saturday mornings year round. Early Seekers hands out 300+ bagged lunches and soft drinks at Kennedy Plaza and Breakfast at Crossroads. They also hand out donated clothing, shoes, coats, blankets and other items weekly.

Program Director

Knowing when your next meal will take place is something most of us take for granted, it is something we have come to expect. 

That is not always a guarantee for the impoverished in our community. The ability to meet this need by providing a breakfast or lunch to them is something we are dedicated to. Our food, chip and soft drink sponsors as well as our volunteers are the backbone of this program.