Our Programs


For approximately the last 11 years the Rhode Island Dream Center (RIDC) along with Praise Tabernacle Church’s food truck has delivered meals nightly to the impoverished folks in Providence, Cranston & West Warwick. To date we have delivered approximately 257,400 meals to those in need. Those on the street look forward to seeing our volunteers, to receive a hot meal, a smile, and prayers from our incredible volunteers.


Our goal is to build self-esteem through providing makeovers to ladies who live in the shelter or on the street. Our dedicated volunteers provide a fun and exciting get away for a day. Our bus picks up our guests and The Michael K. Galvin Academy graciously provides them hair washes, dyes, cuts and styling for free. On special days manicures and pedicures may be provided. Both our volunteers and our guests love their time with us. They are provided with a great lunch, one on one conversation and loving encouragement. Upon departure we can see how beautiful these ladies are and they feel great about themselves and have the knowledge that someone cares. We want to show them that where you are today is not where you will always be.


Spreading the Good News at sunrise! Every Saturday morning for 13+ years, our group called the “Early Seekers” ventures down to Kennedy Plaza and Crossroads Family Shelter in Providence R.I., to feed and clothe the hungry as they arrive from where they slept the night before, i.e., shelters, doorways, graveyard etc. Some of our volunteers have been with us since the beginning, as it is their passion to help those in need and to pray and encourage people. We get to know their names, their struggles and are able to uplift and pray for them. At times we try to meet an essential need they may have, i.e. sneakers, socks, toiletries or jackets by reaching out to the community and church. Currently we provide sandwiches, coffee, clothing to approximately 300 + individuals.

Delicately Loved Women

Delicately Loved Women is a program focused on healing, restoration and spiritual growth of women who have distressing hurt. Going through childhood trauma, domestic violence and lacking love for oneself can be hurtful, tough and life altering. Learning and accepting the love that God has for us is life changing. With the help of a caring, loving and understanding support system & our Heavenly Father, hurtful pasts and fears can be overcome.  God wants you to live a life full of purpose. He wants to heal and restore you because He loves us so delicately.


For 12 years we have a “Winter Survival Back Pack Give Away” event. We purchase new backpacks and fill them with socks, hats, gloves, scarves, hand towels, a variety of toiletries and a pocket Bible. We do rely on donations for this event. In previous years, we distributed the backpacks on the State House lawn in Providence, however, beginning in 2019 approximately 350 backpacks will be given out at the annual Thanksgiving Dinner at Praise Tabernacle Church in November.

Delicately Loved Women Bible Study

Women's Book Club