Our commitment is to give friendship, prayer and acceptance, along with the educational and spiritual tools to help people overcome their life-controlling problems. We believe a better understanding of God's love and forgiveness will help make appropriate daily choices and help restore self confidence.

Since our inception we have celebrated


1 person successfully achieved 11 years of complete alcohol addiction recovery.

2 persons successfully achieved 10 years of complete alcohol addiction recovery.

  • OverComers Meeting are held on         Monday nights @ 6:30 in the              Praise Tabernacle Fellowship Hall.       330 Park Avenue, Cranston  RI              


We Impact Dependencies

Here are a few of the upcoming events we have planned in the near future. If you would like to be volunteer for any of these, please visit out Volunteer page.

1 person successfully achieved 8 years  of complete alcohol addiction recovery.

1 person successfully achieved 5 years  of complete prescription drug addiction recovery.

1 person successfully achieved 4 years being free of depression and worthlessness.

1 person successfully achieved 3 years of complete crack plus addiction recovery.

Many others are on their way to recovery.

Providing Hope to the Impoverished

Upcoming Events

Program Director

OverComers is a faith based 13-step recovery program that provides a spiritual plan of recovery for people struggling with life-controlling problems such as alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, eating disorders, violence or feelings of inadequacy and failure.

June Pangburn

If you are interested in becoming a part of our OverComers program, Please fill out the Volunteer Form on our "Get Involved" page.