The purpose of Adopt-A-Block is to build relationships with the community. Our goal is to Adopt one block at a time, find the community need, and meet the need through community action.

Early Seekers is a program that goes to Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence and the Crossroads shelter on Saturday Mornings. We hand out 300+ Bagged lunches and drinks, as well as donated clothing and shoes.

Our Food Truck program provides meals 7 days a week to people at various locations and shelters throughout the state. Our dedicated Volunteers serve an average of over 1,000 meals a week.

Live it Up is a Praise Tabernacle, Sunday afternoon service held at 1:30 PM. The event is catered to the impoverished of the greater Providence area.

Praise Tabernacle provides buses to transport them to the event as well as lunch for all who attend. 

Food Truck

I Need U 2 Survive

Providing Hope to the Impoverished

OverComers is a faith based 13-step  recovery program that provides a spiritual plan of recovery for people struggling with life controlling problems such as alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, eating disorders, violence, and feelings of inadequacy.



Hope for the Homeless

I Need U 2 Survive is an uplifting program designed to elevate self esteem. This program provides impoverished women a complete makeover including hair cuts, styling, manicures, facials and a lunch. This is done on a bi-monthly basis.

  Live it Up

Early Seekers

Hope for the Homeless is designed to recognize the need of the homeless and address their needs when possible and/or refer them to other organizations equipped for that purpose. Each November we deliver 500+ backpacks filled with winter essentials for the homeless.